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Your Source for Quality Auto Parts in St. Catharines & the Entire Niagara Region

At Raco Auto Supply Ltd., we sell parts and components for the services that professional mechanics, trained technicians and do-it-yourselfers perform, including tune-ups, oil changes, lighting renovations and many more!

We have a well-stocked parts warehouse, and our inventory includes under car components, brakes, chassis parts, body shop supplies, antifreeze, and aftermarket parts for SUVs and trucks.


At Raco Auto Supply Ltd., we choose only the best performing brands of parts and accessories to put into your vehicles to ensure a quality repair or replacement. We proudly carry parts from the following companies:


  • Batteries

  • Filters

  • Brakes

  • Air conditioning

  • Spark plugs

See our 2016 battery lineup or call us for more information.

Best Buy Distributors Limited

  • Batteries

  • Brake cables

  • Brake cleaner

  • Brake pads and shoes

  • Brake rotors and drums

  • Chassis parts

  • VB boots

  • Engine management

  • Filters: oil, air, fuel, cabin air, transmission

  • Hub bearings

  • Ignition wires

  • Oils and greases

  • PBE products

  • Strut mounts


  • Oil filters: Extra Guard®, Tough Guard®, Ultra™ Synthetic™, Racing®,  and High Mileage®

  • Air filters: Extra Guard®, Platinum Premium™, Tough Guard®, Crankcase and Fresh Breeze™ cabin air filters

  • Fuel filters

  • PVC valves

KYB Shocks & Struts

  • Excel-G shocks and struts

  • Strut-Plus complete strut assemblies

  • Gas-a-Just monotube shocks and struts

  • MonoMax monotube truck shocks

  • AGX adjustable performance

NGK Spark Plugs

  • Spark plugs

  • Glow plugs

  • Oxygen sensors

  • Wire sets

  • Resistor covers and caps

  • Race cables and splicers

We also carry ContiTech Timing Kits from Continental Pro Series.


Keep your car running like new with top quality replacement parts.

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